Wedding Photographer Kyiv

Wedding photographer Kyiv – bright, lively emotions!

Фотограф Киев

Karina Makukhova

  • More than 5 years professionally engaged in photography
  • I take photographs all over Ukraine
  • Have taken more than 120 photoshoots have taken
  • Have attended more than 7 workshops
  • Member of the club of professional wedding photographers MyWed

Wedding photoshoot

Wedding photography is one of the difficult types of photography and very responsible. I take pictures in a reporting and emotional style, convey through photos of true love, sincerity, and emotionality.

Family photoshoot

This is a short time spent with the family, photographs filled with warm relationships and real emotions in the family.


The photobook is a unique opportunity to save photos by creating stories about the most pleasant and best moments of their life. The advantage of a photo book is its durability.

Photography is the life story of each of us, and there are moments that we often forget. With the help of photography, I will help you keep these moments longer, and with each viewing, the feelings experienced at that moment will be experienced again and again. I will do my best to maintain that atmosphere and romantic state of mind, tender loving glances, smiles on faces, emotions and moments that become eternity. Photography is one of the main components of my life, with it I grow, develop and enjoy all the results that I achieve!